What is it?

Ideaspace Global is a knowledge hub and collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs like you to connect, learn and launch your enterprise. Inspired by Global Entrepreneurship Week, the worldwide initiative that since 2008 has introduced over 60 million young people to life as an entrepreneur in 160 countries. We are in Beta phase of our website. The full-service site is scheduled to launch later this year. Ideaspace Global is seeking launch funding from investors, grants and donations.

What does Ideaspace Global offer me now?

You can sign up free of charge and we’ll keep you informed of our progress as we head towards full launch. We are inviting advanced registered members to be involved with the development of the Ideaspace Global full service site. We are looking for your ideas and suggestions for launch.  You can get involved by emailing us at info@ideaspaceglobal.org.

What will it offer me in the future?

  • Access to the Knowledge Hub, an international library of entrepreneurship and enterprise building materials gathered from universities, business schools and institutions worldwide.
  • Find other entrepreneurs to collaborate with on your projects locally and across the world.
  • Work as a team – the shared workspace so you can manage your business and share documents and information with your chosen group members.
  • Watch videos from experts and gurus.
  • Generate your own content – upload videos for others to share and learn from your experiences.
  • Shop at the Store, for learning materials, courses and new products developed by the Ideaspace community.

Contact info@ideaspaceglobal.org for more information.