Pitch with Purpose

Collaboration can create exciting things. GEN and Alice, along with partners Johnson & Johnson and Dell, are looking to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs committed to social good to pitch for $15,000 USD, a Dell computer, scholarship entry to Circular Summit 2019, mentorship and more. The pitch competition is Pitch with Purpose, and applications are due by July 31, 2018, with winners announced in mid-September. Apply for Pitch with Purpose here.

Startup Genome, GEN Launch the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018

What technology sub-sectors hold the most promise for economic growth? How much local networking should startup founders do in their ecosystem? Do women and men differ in their entrepreneurial mindset at different points in the startup journey? Which ecosystems are leading the way in Fintech? Answers to these questions, and countless other insights, are in the new Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2018, released last week at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Istanbul.

Produced in partnership between Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), the GSER informs public and private decision makers all over the world about what actions they can take to build vibrant startup ecosystems. This year’s report analyzes key technology sub-sectors—such Artificial Intelligence and Edtech—across 45 different ecosystems, and looks at how local connections affect company performance and what makes up an entrepreneurial mindset.

“We’ve entered the Third Wave of innovation—the  global startup community is disrupting industries by combining technology with deep industry expertise. This creates a game-changing opportunity for smaller, less mature startup ecosystems that can now build out competitive advantage at a global level by focusing on their DNA and legacy strengths,” says JF Gauthier, CEO and cofounder of Startup Genome.

Every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and others from more than 170 countries to identify new ways of helping founders start and scale new ventures. The new GSER, with analysis based on the voices of over 10,000 founders and data from Crunchbase and Orb Intelligence, will enhance the lessons and insights shared at GEC.

“Research in the field is vital to shaping the interventions necessary to empower entrepreneurs around the world,” said Jonathan Ortmans, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. “As thousands of startup champions gather this week to explore innovative approaches, efforts such as the Global Startup Ecosystem Report help us become better informed about what is needed.”

Find out how 45 ecosystems across 24 countries around the world stack up in the face of this new wave. Download the full report here: www.startupgenome.com/report2018.

Startups prepare to pitch in front of a global audience at Startup Turkey

Top startups will meet world class mentors, investors, companies and media in Startup Turkey on April 15 and 16 as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Istanbul. The most promising startups will be selected to join a demo day and will get an opportunity to pitch on stage. Specially invited investors, VCs, accelerators and tech company executives will be there to meet the outstanding startups. More at http://www.startupturkey.com

Advancing entrepreneurship to be big talking point at upcoming GEC

The 10th anniversary of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress will soon bring thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurship support organizations to a global startup hub – featuring in-depth sessions and workshops on the latest developments in entrepreneurship from around the world.
GEC 2018, held April 16-19 in Istanbul, Turkey, will take a look at the intersection of mindset, culture and barriers that exist within all entrepreneurship ecosystems. From exponential thinking – exploring how entrepreneurship moves from incremental to truly disruptive innovation – to innovation culture and inclusive entrepreneurship, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress features sessions on leading-edge topics within the space.

The four-day conference begins with the GEN Global Assembly – which connects the GEN global communities while exploring innovative approaches to empowering entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders, as well as look at new projects the network has in the pipeline. The Global Assembly will be held on Monday, April 16 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with additional sessions on Thursday.

The two largest days feature plenary sessions spotlighting a global collection of entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters amplified by an impressive collection of 128 parallel sessions — 64 each on Tuesday and Wednesday — covering a wide range of topics, including tracks dedicated to: Empowering Emerging Ecosystems; Global Challenges; Entrepreneurial Learning; Scaling Up; Mobilizing Capital; Women’s Entrepreneurship; Industry Disruption; Corporate Engagement; Fintech Innovations; Digital Economy; Lifestyle Innovations; and Social Entrepreneurship.

Countdown to Istanbul

Every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress gathers together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from more than 170 countries to identify new ways of helping founders start and scale new ventures around the world. At the weeklong GEC, delegates make connections, gain insights, learn about new research, and leave ready to renew their programs, policy ideas or firm founder skills. GEC 2018 takes place in Istanbul, Turkey — a thriving startup hub that is both an economic and cultural cornerstone of Europe and Asia. You can now register for the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Registration is EUR 99.

United nations of entrepreneurship

Delegates from 173 different countries gathered at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg – a budding startup hub that is both an economic and cultural cornerstone of South Africa – and attended in-depth masterclasses and relevant discussions to foster entrepreneurs to start and scale new businesses.

In its ninth year, more than 8,400 people from around the world registered for the Congress, co-hosted by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, the Kauffman Foundation, SEA Africa and the City of Johannesburg. Other partners included the Industrial Development Corporation, South Africa’s Department of Small Business Development and the Gauteng Province, as well as companies including ABSA, Transnet, Hollard, SAB, Telkom, Microsoft and Johnson and Johnson.

During the four-day long Congress, delegates had the opportunity to make connections, learn about new research, and take home the latest information to renew their programs, facilitate policy discussions and mobilize their entrepreneurial community.

Beyond the sessions and discussions, the GEC 2017 left an additional impact on the country and continent, with the launch of the regional GEN affiliate, GEN Africa, and the reaffirmation of GEN South Africa – led by Managing Director Kizito Okechukwu. The Congress brought delegates from around the world to Africa, and GEN Africa will work to innovate and unite the continent’s entrepreneurial ecosystem – bringing Africa to the world.

As well as the emergence of GEN Africa, world government leaders in entrepreneurship, small businesses and innovation, gathered at the GEC for the third Global SME Ministerial. Led by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the South African Ministry of Small Business Development, ministers and policy leaders participated in a dialogue to share best practices, find collaborative solutions and to create a path for promoting entrepreneurship in any economy and community around the world.

The 2017 Congress also included a new, customized track for global investment organizations, as well as for entrepreneurs and startup founders. The customized sessions focused on issues such cross-border investing and the entrepreneur program covered relevant challenges and success stories from global entrepreneurs.

Other highlights from the Congress included pitch corners for entrepreneurs and organizations to pitch their idea on a global stage, entrepreneurship workshops, and in-depth, high-impact sessions that covered many topics, including:

  • Digital disruption in a changing economy;
  • Analyzing entrepreneurial mindset in South Africa, and creating a replicable study;
  • Enhancing early stage investment;
  • Catalyzing startup communities;
  • Intersection of public and corporate partnerships to enable entrepreneurial growth in communities; and more.

The global discussion will continue in Istanbul, Turkey, for the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Congress. It will be held April 16 – 19, 2018.

1millionstartups launches at GEC 2017

1millionstartups was launched at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa. 1millionstartups is the first worldwide campaign and community dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and the startup world while raising the awareness about the importance of startups in today‘s social & economic development, as well as inspiring new founders and business angels to create the startups we need. Founded by EBAN Board Member and Austrian Angel Investors Association Co-founder Selma Prodanovic, 1millionstartups is focused on growing a community of 1 million members inspired to impact the world through their own action, through entrepreneurship – a movement based on solutions.  In their over 25 years of experience & research, the 1millionstartups team identified the three most crucial issues for entrepreneurs to develop successfully:

1) “I know I can” or access to role-models and inspiration

2) “I know how” or access to know-how and experience exchange,

3) “I know where” or access to capital and other resources.

They aim to tackle all three problems and provide global solutions by giving startups an easily accessible platform to start with: the world’s leading startup gallery. The 1millionstartups gallery provides immediate global visibility and it already features startups from every corner of the world.

The initiative also strongly supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 1millionstartups was selected and presented at the UN Communication Group Meeting in Vienna as best practice example how business can contribute to innovation and achieving the SDGs. They aim to invest €100million in their members by 2025.

All startups solving a global challenge are invited to join 1millionstartups and benefit from increased visibility with investors and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Entrepreneurs go to Africa

Next month, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress will gather together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from more than 160 countries to identify new ways of helping founders start and scale new ventures around the world. At the weeklong GEC, delegates will make connections, gain insights, learn about new research, and leave ready to renew their programs, policy ideas or firm up founder skills.

GEC 2017 will take place at the heart of South Africa, in Johannesburg — a budding startup hub that is both an economic and cultural cornerstone of the country — which promises to build on the successes of previous years.

The GEC is an open, four-day conference that gathers all elements of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. At the core of the Congress is a mix of large-scale plenary sessions for thousands of delegates and more intimate and in-depth parallel sessions conducted by leading global organizations helping entrepreneurs start and scale new businesses.


The GEC will take place March 13-16. Details at http://gec.co

2016 – new state of Appiness

Apple reported Thursday that developers raked in $20 billion on its App Store in 2016, a 40 percent jump since 2015.

That suggests Apple reaped at least $8 billion in revenue from its App Store, with a 20% growth of 2.2 million apps.

The biggest drivers for the App Store included games such as “Pokemon Go,” which was the most downloaded app in 2016; “Super Mario,” which was the most downloaded app on Christmas and New Year’s days; and subscription-based apps, such as Netflix, Hulu and Time Warner’s HBO Go.

The tech giant said its biggest day of sales on the App Store was on Jan. 1, 2017, when customers spent a record $240 million. The top grossing markets included the U.S, U.K., Japan and China, which saw 90 percent year-over-year growth.

Investors pay close attention to the performance of the App Store, as Apple now emphasizes its role as a services company. The broad smartphone market is maturing, and the tech giant is highlighting recurring revenue streams that do not depend on new device sales.

Digital stores represent big battlegrounds between Apple and rival Google.

According to App Annie, which provides market data for the app economy, Google Play’s worldwide downloads were 115 percent higher than Apple’s App Store downloads in the third quarter, which is the latest data available.

However, Apple maintained its advantage in revenue. In the third quarter, App Store revenue was 100 percent higher than Google Play’s.

55 countries work together to create world-class entrepreneurship policy

IMG_0917The 2016 Startup Nations Summit gathered startup community leaders and policymakers from 55 countries this weekend in Cork, Ireland. Its mission is to help better enable high impact entrepreneurship, especially through the identification of policy levers and smart public sector driven programs. The Summit is now a major feature of Global Entrepreneurship Week which has seen 35,000 activities and events this past week across 165 countries.

Following SNS Toronto in 2012, SNS Kuala Lumpur in 2013, SNS Seoul in 2014 and SNS Monterrey in 2015, Startup Ireland, in partnership with Cork Innovates, hosted its fellow Startup Nations members for the first time in Europe. At this fifth edition of SNS, Startup Nations members continued their work to unearth and evaluate new effective policy levers and public sector-driven programs that are making an impact in advancing entrepreneurial growth around the world. The Ministerial discussions included ministers from Thailand to Guatemala lead by Maria Contreras-Sweet, President Obama’s Administrator for Small Business Administration.

At the SNS, Startup Nations, for a second year, recognised innovative public sector leaders and policy approaches from around the world through the Startup Nations Awards which were held at Cork City Council hosted by the Mayor of Cork.