EU aims to create 17.5m jobs in Europe by 2020

Europe’s young unemployed has risen by 50% since 2008.

5.5 million under 25s are without a job in the EU, 22.4%, up from 15% in 2008. National pictures vary – in Spain and Greece 50% are out of work, while in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands it is only one in 10. In 6 EU countries, youth unemployment is around 30% and 44% in jobs are on temporary contracts.

A summit of EU leaders in June is to debate how to tackle Europe’s worsening unemployment levels. In advance of the EU2020 summit, the commission will unveil proposals aimed at raising employment levels in the EU to 75% by 2020 from 64.5% in 2012. That means generating 17.5m jobs or increasing employment by 0.8% every year. The green economy, IT sector, and health and social services struggling to cope with ageing populations are identified as the most promising areas for job creation. In addition the commission is to call for labour market reforms and an opening of the pan-European labour market to facilitate greater worker mobility.  Entrepreneurs will play a critical role in meeting the EU’s objectives.