There is an upsurge in entrepreneurship around the world

Entrepreneurs are now numbering near 400 million in 54 countries.  Even better news is that over 140 million of these entrepreneurs expect to add at least five new jobs over the next five years. These figures and growth projections affirm that entrepreneurial activity is flourishing across the globe and that entrepreneurship, as an economic engine, is the best hope for reviving a weakened world economy, according to a report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

GEM interviewed more than 140,000 adults in 54 economies across diverse geographies and a range of economic levels. GEM estimates that, of the entrepreneurs engaged in starting and running new businesses in 2011:

o 163 million early-stage entrepreneurs are women

o 165 million early-stage entrepreneurs are young entrepreneurs (age 18 to 25)

o 69 million early-stage entrepreneurs are offering innovative products and services

o 18 million early-stage entrepreneurs are selling 25 percent of their products and services internationally

Total early-stage activity (TEA) increased significantly from 2010-2011 in many economies and across all levels of economic development — emerging, developing, and mature. In fact, TEA rose 25 percent among 16 developing economies with China, Argentina and Chile boasting above-average rates in 2010 and even higher rates in 2011.