Entrepreneurs are the new Reality TV stars

‘START-UPS <silicon.valley>’ is an entrepreneurship reality show of, by, and for Generation 2.0. It premiered this week on US TV channel Bravo.

Sarah AustinDwight CrowKim TaylorDavid Murray, and brother and sister duo, Ben and Hermione Way, all have a unique perspective on the future of technology, business, and how to get ahead in the most competitive culture in the country. These driven, ambitious and highly motivated individuals are all work and all play as they blaze their own paths to become the next Silicon Valley success story. While trying to find balance amidst their complicated social network they discover that in the fast paced world of Silicon Valley success and failure can come and go with just a simple keystroke. Whether entrepreneurship is the new reality entertainment remains to be seen.  Right now it is being positioned by the critics as Big Brother meets Jersey Shore.