Bill Clinton: the most interesting time in human history

Global Entrepreneurship Week has been celebrated at a record 3,200 events in the UK this week. One of those was Entrepreneurs 2012 supported by the Clinton Foundation and The Prince’s Trust, with over 40 keynotes across 4 days.  On Friday former U.S. President Bill Clinton wrapped up the week with his thoughts.  He outlined a range of world issues he and  his Foundation have been working on and identified health, energy, and education where innovation and entrepreneurship could deliver change.

‘The challenges of the future have empowerment, inclusion and entrepreneurialism on one side against the forces of inequality, instability and unsustainability on the other.  I would give up having been president to be 25 years old and have a chance to chart a course through the next 30 years.  It should be the most interesting time in human history – I hope you make the most of it’.

If you would like to see more of Bill Clinton and and other speakers at Entrepreneurs 2012 view these mindmaps.