Millennial mindset – jumpstarting, independent and entrepreneurial

Workers want freedom, and this desire is driving them towards independent and often entrepreneurial career paths. Following a prior study on disruption of work from the perspective of businesses, a new survey examines the future of work as envisioned by professionals. Results from the oDesk Millennials & The Future of Work study found that many are planning their escape from corporate jobs — 72% of freelancers still at “regular” jobs want to quit entirely, and 61% say they are likely to quit within two years.

Millennials in particular are pursuing independent careers that foster faster progression than traditional hierarchical organizations. Of almost 2,000 Millennial respondents, 58% classified themselves as entrepreneurs. These responses (from more than 3,000 freelancers worldwide who have worked online) quantify the mindset of freelancers today, providing a glimpse into the professional landscape of tomorrow.