More MOOCs – its the future

A new learning platform launched in September called FutureLearn.  It offers a diverse selection of free online courses from some of the world’s leading universities and cultural institutions. Set up by the Open University in the UK it builds on their pioneering work in distance learning over the past 40 years.  Now with a choice of tablets, mobiles and desktops you can fit your learning around your life making it possible to continue discovering new subjects and build new skills.

The approach goes beyond watching and reading online. Courses are made more effective through storytelling, discussion in context, following other learners, visible learning and community support.

In practice, you find a course, introduce yourself, start using your My Courses dashboard, and then well, follow the steps. Along the way learners are invited to discuss topics, follow others to learn together, receive commentaries, try a quiz, and take tests.  At the end you can share your progress page along with your scores.  FutureLearn plans to offer learners the opportunity to take exams or buy statements of accomplishment as evidence of what has been achieved.