Inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day this November

According to a recent World Bank study, the global earning power of women is poised to beat the combined GDPs of China and India in 2014. Any country that manages to tip the scales in favor of women’s participation in the workforce is guaranteed to be ahead of the times in terms of economic development. Additionally, Forbes magazine has announced that 2014 will be a breakout year for female entrepreneurs who will lead their counterparts in other sectors.

GEW host organizations and their partners have long acknowledged the largely untapped potential of women entrepreneurs and are at the forefront of leading targeted campaigns and programs to empower women entrepreneurs. They have wasted no time in planning highly engaging events for WED which is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19.

  • GEW USA is a major partner helping to organize a WED Summit at the United Nations in New York City featuring VIPs such as Mama Sarah ObamaA small number of tickets are still available. 
  • GEW Belgium is organizing a women’s entrepreneurship conference featuring a keynote by Mrs. Michèle Sioen, CEO of Sioen Industries and the Chairwoman of Federation of Enterprises in Belgium. The conference agenda also includes a debate on entrepreneurship and education.
  • GEW Botswana has partnered with the Department of Gender Affairs, a sponsor of female entrepreneurship activities as part of GEW Botswana since 2011, and is keen to play a more substantial role this year with the launch of WED. GEW Botswana is also organizing a Regional Women Entrepreneurship Day featuring key entrepreneurs from the GEW network in the region.
  • GEW China and their partners will host a “Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition” as well as a “Demo Day” for women entrepreneurs.
  • GEW Germany will participate in cooperation with the German National Agency for Women Start-ups Activities and Services.
  • GEW Israel has made encouraging female entrepreneurship a priority since 2012, and has since made it customary to publish a female entrepreneurship success story each day during GEW.
  • In the past, GEW Mexico has dedicated a day of GEW to female entrepreneurs; a practice they have found helps maximize media interest in the campaign as well as makes it easier to recruit sponsors.
  • GEW Nepal is partnering with the Nepal Young Entrepreneurs Forum to organize a Young Women Entrepreneurship summit, a full day program featuring inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs, the common challenges they face and how to solve these challenges.
  • GEW Qatar, in partnership with The Qatar Chamber of Trade, will host networking events and workshops for female entrepreneurs. GEW Qatar’s social media campaign will also feature an opportunity to post videos of inspiring women entrepreneurs on the GEW Qatar YouTube channel.  
  • GEW Saudi Arabia is taking advantage of WED to launch a powerful women’s entrepreneurship initiative.
  • GEW Thailand is partnering with Bangkok University to host a conference called “Women Entrepreneurship – Thailand as a Role Model” that aims to highlight the role that Thai women entrepreneurs play in helping shape Thailand’s economic future.
  • GEW Uganda’s flagship GEW activity, a three-day forum for entrepreneurs will focus on women entrepreneurs on 19 November and will be held in different parts of the country with a theme that will explore ways to overcome “Barriers to Women Entrepreneurs”.
  • GEW Vietnam will organize a conference for women entrepreneurship with 100 participants.
  • Endeavor Global, one of the key partners of Global Entrepreneurship Week in 20 countries is also planning a social media effort around the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

Other GEW hosts who are planning to organize female entrepreneurship-focused events in celebration of WED include Bhutan, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Georgia, Jamaica, Madagascar, Malta, Namibia, Somalia and Zambia. The number of participating countries is increasing every day.