GEN partners with Compass to rank startup eco-systems

Global Entrepreneurship Network is joining forces with Compass, creator of extensive benchmark data for startup performance, to help rank the world’s top startup ecosystems.

The ranking is based in part on a short survey of entrepreneurs and ecosystem players around the world.

Compass is offering a Startup Accelerator package of eight apps for those who complete the survey — providing free or discounted access to some of the greatest tools for startups: Zendesk,, Foundersuite,, Olark, Wix, Pipedrive and Clara. Plus a 50% discount to the Ultimate Startup Sales Guides: Inbound and Outbound.

The original report in 2012 (download) provided a “deep dive into selected top ecosystems.” It found that while Silicon Valley remained the largest and most influential, other startup hubs had begun to close the gap with Tel Aviv, London, Toronto and Vancouver in the top 10.

Through Global Entrepreneurship Week since 2008—and other more recent initiatives—GEN has been working on building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems.