55 countries work together to create world-class entrepreneurship policy

IMG_0917The 2016 Startup Nations Summit gathered startup community leaders and policymakers from 55 countries this weekend in Cork, Ireland. Its mission is to help better enable high impact entrepreneurship, especially through the identification of policy levers and smart public sector driven programs. The Summit is now a major feature of Global Entrepreneurship Week which has seen 35,000 activities and events this past week across 165 countries.

Following SNS Toronto in 2012, SNS Kuala Lumpur in 2013, SNS Seoul in 2014 and SNS Monterrey in 2015, Startup Ireland, in partnership with Cork Innovates, hosted its fellow Startup Nations members for the first time in Europe. At this fifth edition of SNS, Startup Nations members continued their work to unearth and evaluate new effective policy levers and public sector-driven programs that are making an impact in advancing entrepreneurial growth around the world. The Ministerial discussions included ministers from Thailand to Guatemala lead by Maria Contreras-Sweet, President Obama’s Administrator for Small Business Administration.

At the SNS, Startup Nations, for a second year, recognised innovative public sector leaders and policy approaches from around the world through the Startup Nations Awards which were held at Cork City Council hosted by the Mayor of Cork.