1millionstartups launches at GEC 2017

1millionstartups was launched at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa. 1millionstartups is the first worldwide campaign and community dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and the startup world while raising the awareness about the importance of startups in today‘s social & economic development, as well as inspiring new founders and business angels to create the startups we need. Founded by EBAN Board Member and Austrian Angel Investors Association Co-founder Selma Prodanovic, 1millionstartups is focused on growing a community of 1 million members inspired to impact the world through their own action, through entrepreneurship – a movement based on solutions.  In their over 25 years of experience & research, the 1millionstartups team identified the three most crucial issues for entrepreneurs to develop successfully:

1) “I know I can” or access to role-models and inspiration

2) “I know how” or access to know-how and experience exchange,

3) “I know where” or access to capital and other resources.

They aim to tackle all three problems and provide global solutions by giving startups an easily accessible platform to start with: the world’s leading startup gallery. The 1millionstartups gallery provides immediate global visibility and it already features startups from every corner of the world.

The initiative also strongly supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 1millionstartups was selected and presented at the UN Communication Group Meeting in Vienna as best practice example how business can contribute to innovation and achieving the SDGs. They aim to invest €100million in their members by 2025.

All startups solving a global challenge are invited to join 1millionstartups and benefit from increased visibility with investors and other ecosystem stakeholders.